RegisterTurbine RunnerHRF Turbine Runner 5K Leaving from historic downtown, the Turbine Runner 5k takes a lap around the Titan’s stadium, and around town for the inaugural fun run!Participants will receive the official turbine runner 5k pin, a great opportunity to meet other runners and enjoy the sights on a closed course. The run benefits HRF programs to promote hydropower education and research!

Registration is $20 before July 16th and includes closed run in historic Nashville, race pin and prizes for top finishers. To register click the -Register Now- button.

Dionner Invitation

Hydro CatalogNew Small Hydro Technology Catalog

            --Fresh Information--

What: An online technology catalog for small hydro developers, technology providers and owners. A place to find suppliers, available tools, equipment, and existing projects.

Who: The hydro industry! The more data that is populated in this space, the better resource it becomes for the industry.

Technology CatalogWhere: CLICK HERE When: Now-be part of the test….by HydroVision 2014, the Foundation hopes to have populated valuable data and have an online space for developers, owners, financiers, stakeholders, and manufacturers.

Why? The Hydro Research Foundation was tasked by Oak Ridge National Lab to develop the catalog and is working work with Colorado State University.

How? Click here to enter technology catalog and submit your company's information, your plant, a case study, or any other valuable information to connect your organization to other industry members.

HRF History and Mission

The Hydro Research Foundation, Inc. [HRF] was established in 1994 and became an independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation in 1996. The foundation has two principal objectives: to facilitate research and to promote educational opportunities that communicate the value of hydropower.


HRF was formed to facilitate partnerships among industry, partners, government, and others.

Research undertaken by the foundation seeks to advance knowledge about hydroelectric technology, including efficiency improvements and environmental mitigation. Hydropower is an efficient producer of emissions-free, renewable energy and is an important part of our nation's energy mix. Like any energy generating resource, however, hydropower can have an impact on the environment. The hydropower industry has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to minimize the impact its technology has on aquatic life and habitat while seeking to provide an affordable, reliable energy supply.

The HRF was formed to build support for, and facilitate partnerships among industry, government and others for projects that would preserve and enhance the viability of hydropower as a clean, renewable and reliable provider of energy. Industry research demonstrates the effectiveness that can be achieved by applying state of the art technology to the prevention or mitigation of environmental and biological impacts. The HRF believes that technological improvements are the best approach to addressing the environmental issues that are associated with this valuable energy resource.


HRF seeks to advance knowledge about hydroelectric technology, including efficiency improvements and environmental mitigation.

Today, educational programs building awareness of hydropower's many and diverse benefits are funded through the Foundation. This included the vibrant Fellowship Program and a new scholarship program. Programs are designed to educate younger students, generate interest in careers in the hydropower industry and, in general, inform and educate the general public about the history of the resource, current and emerging technologies and issues affecting the use of hydropower.

A broad range of research and educational programs can be supported with grants and tax-deductible donations from individuals, other foundations, companies and government agencies. For more information or to ask a question, contact us.